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Job description – Inventory/Shipping Coordinator


Reporting to the Office Manager, you will be responsible for maintaining all inventories and shipping related activities.

1. Execute inventory control measures to ensure the company has an accurate and current inventory log.

2. The role carries responsibility for working with purchasing, goods received and out to ensure necessary functions are carried out correctly

The job role may include other reasonable duties/tasks from time to time.


Main Duties:

Shipping and Receiving

  • Responsible for managing, pulling and shipping pending orders.


  • Ensure sales orders are correct and fully completed and that all orders have been filled to completion.


  • Receives, unpacks, inspects and stores incoming goods.


  • Ensure that goods received are well organized and controlled to sufficiently support sales / engineering staff and the goals of the business.


  • Performs all computer functions necessary to track various aspects of goods.


  • Responsible for making arrangements for pick up by the carrier specified on the customer’s purchase order.


  • Maintains the work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition and follows prescribed safety regulations.


  • May be required on occasion to make parts deliveries to our field service engineers using personal vehicle (mileage reimbursed).


  • Maintain the company’s inventory management system with the aim of identifying current inventory.


  • Maintain the company’s stocked product inventory including stock descriptions and stock locations.


  • Minimize overstocks and removal of obsolete inventory to maximize availability of working capital.


  • Ensure incoming products are received and managed appropriately according to company procedure.


  • Ensure that any returns that are late or are nearing due date are tracked and followed up until received.


  • Implement improvement processes and systems to increase desirable inventory, minimize costs and maximize working capital.


  • Assist in writing and maintaining accurate written procedures for all main inventory control processes and functions.


  • Perform quarterly inventory checks.


  • Ensure integrity and accuracy of the inventory management system.


  • Produce monthly reports to ensure key critical areas of the stock system are controlled and any discrepancies addressed and resolved.


  • Manage control measures to ensure mistakes, inaccuracies and discrepancies are highlighted, addressed and resolved.




1. Organizational Skills.

2. Technical Capacity.

3. Initiative.

4. Thoroughness.

5. Time Management.

6. Communication Proficiency.



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