About Us

MW Imaging is a premier ultrasound service provider, based in the Midwest but serving customers nationwide. For more than 30 years, MW Imaging has established a solid reputation among the top hospitals and doctors in the area. We’ve since expanded our operations to offer nationwide repair, service, maintenance, distribution and sales of diagnostic ultrasound systems, probes, and parts.

MW Imaging provides a cost-effective alternative for ultrasound service and sales. Our 7,500 square foot facility features an in-house repair center, conference center for in-house training and an extensive inventory of ultrasound parts, peripherals, and supplies in our warehouse.

All of our degreed engineers average at least 20 years experience in ultrasound repair service. Having been trained by the leading ultrasound manufacturers, we offer you superior technological skills. MW Imaging engineers are also clinically trained to better communicate with your clinical technologist.