Welcome to MW Imaging

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We have a new look, but the same exceptional ultrasound service and parts.
Since our founding in 1991 we’ve been known as Midwest Imaging, but as our base of customers has been expanded beyond the Midwest for quite a while, we felt it was time to refer to ourselves a little differently. We are still the same folks who have been diligently serving our customers in the world of medical diagnostic imaging, ultrasound equipment and replacement parts and service. Our parts and service are still marked by the quality and precision that marks our everyday interactions with biomeds, clinical engineers, supply chain managers and their support staff around the country. While we needed a new logo, we still wanted to be clearly identified in the marketplace and that meant a logo and new website that was simple and bold, but still kept a piece of our previous identity. So while our exterior is a little more shiny, our service, parts, people, and extraordinary customer service is the same as our customers have grown to depend on and appreciate.

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