Innovative 3D Ultrasound Imaging by Philips

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Philips has introduced a suite of 3D imaging technology innovations for the Philips EPIQ and Affiniti ultrasound systems.  The visualization technology, developed for OB/GYN applications, offers unprecedented imaging quality for lifelike 3D images, greatly enhancing diagnostic confidence for obstetric and gynecological patients.  

The new visualization capabilities, made for the Philips EPIQ 5, EPIQ 7, Affiniti 50 and Affiniti 70 ultrasound systems, include these proprietary advanced 3D display methods:

TrueVue photorealistic 3D visualization for lifelike fetal imaging

GlassVue transparent 3D visualization to help reveal internal organs and structures

aReveal Anatomically Intelligent Ultrasound (AIUS) 3D fetal face algorithm to quickly show 3D images of the fetal face

The MaxVue HD display for the EPIQ and Affiniti systems allows the viewing of ultrasound images in 16:9 full high definition, perfectly complementing these cutting edge 3D imaging technologies. Read more about Philips latest imaging innovations here.

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